I watched The Grammy's so you didn't have to.


Settling in after the girl's weekend to end all girl's weekends to watch the Grammy Awards. When I don't recognize the acts, I feel old, like I'm someone's Grammy. Le Sigh.

Live-blogging the 2009 Grammys.

- Bono needs to stop. I'm done with Bono.

- OMG, Whitney Houston is TOO much. This is epic. So funny. It's like she's retired from singing to follow Clive Davis around and talk weird.

- Oh, JHud, bless your heart. I love it when ladies bring their purses on stage with them.

- Ouch. Someone should think about maybe writing funny jokes for "The Rock". Huh? I mean why not? Poor "The Rock", lookin' the fool.

- Justin Timerlake writes his own jokes.

- And he's nice to Al Green. Everyone should be nice to Al Green.

- Holy crap, Carrie Underwood's guitarist. Jeepers!

- You have to assume that this Stevie Wonder / Jonas Bros collaboration was a product of a direct request from the White House.

- But aren't those Coldplay boys charming?

- "American Boy" was pretty much my favourite pop song this summer. Fun to see it live.

- Adele: You're talented and adorable. Now that I've said those nice things about you GIVE ME YOUR DRESS!!!!

- Morgan Freeman and Kenny Chesney are the most unlikely show biz friends in the history of unlikely show biz friends. That's just STRANGE.

- Not even Natalie Cole can ruin Herbie Hancock for me. Hey Everybody, look! It's Herbie!

- The Robeau thinks that Alison Krauss' dress is too revealing and that Robert Plant must be a bad influence on her.

- The lovely and talented Queen Latifah does her best to give Dean Martin his due with only 10 seconds to do it. Thank you, Queen. You. Are. Fabulous.

- M.I.A. rivals Amy Poehler for most pregnant rapper on Broadcast TV.

- Kanye's afro/mullet makes me laugh. He's always trying something, that one.

- Any "Rap Summit" that does not include Chuck D is less of a summit and more of a casual meeting, like the kind to be had at a coffee shop.

- Yeah, McCartney, you're still the cute one.

- AAAAHHH!!! Charlie Hayden. How exciting. Charlie Hayden and funny his son in law.

- Charlie Hayden gets 10 seconds to talk up Hank Jones! Jazz fans rejoice! Congratulations Mr. Jones. We love you.

- I want John Mayer to win this award because he will likely be the only one who knows / cares who Charlie Hayden is.

- Well, good.

- These Sugarland people are good.

- I'm being a lot less catty than I thought I would. If I was watching the Grammy's while PMSing I bet I would've hated everyone and everything.

- Adele, darling, get that dress made in every colour of the rainbow, twice and promptly send one of each TO ME.

- One of these days I'm going to get into Radiohead just like everyone tells me I should.

- Neil Diamond's coming up, huh? I ever tell you my creepy Neil Diamond story? Remind me to tell you my creepy Neil Diamond story.

- This is some kind of a lull in the show.

- Yes, President Obama is one of us, Creatives. That is a good thing.

- OK, guy, you're beating this "yes we can" theme TO DEATH! I get it, but enough already.

- Wait a minute, I like this idea of a Cabinet member for the Arts.

- Smokey's smile does look out of place. I love him, but he's a LOT of work done.

- FOUR TOPS TRIBUTE! First record I ever bought was a Four Tops Anthology...

- This makes me want to see "Standing in the Shadows of Motown". AGAIN.

- Oh, Josh Groban, clearly you haven't heard my creepy Neil Diamond story.

- The memorial stuff is often so awkward. Sorry to Blossom Dearie didn't make the cut. Also, Neil Hefti gets recognized for penning Batman?

- Please read more about Neil Hefti: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neal_Hefti

- "If it weren't for Neal Hefti, the Basie band wouldn't sound as good as it does." - Miles Davis

- Also, do you like the theme from The Odd Couple? Yeah? Neil Hefti wrote that too.

- Gary Senise introduces a tribute to NOLA. I guess lip service is better than nothing.

- Alan Toussaint is good at what he does.

- TERENCE BLANCHARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Lil' Waynes Big Family is kinda adorable.

- Did I mention, TERENCE BLANCHARD???!!!!

- Congratulations to George Avakian on this much deserved honour.

- Terence Blanchard won a Grammy tonight, for Best Jazz Instrumental Solo. They should give this man an award a day. He should be on the award a day plan.

- Alison Krauss and Robert Plant almost as big an upset as Herbie last year. Seems like a nice record, good for them.

- "In the old days we would have called this selling out, but it's not a bad way to spend a Sunday" - Robert Plant

- Ah, Stevie. You're lovely. Always.

- MY album of the year: Roy Hargrove, Earfood http://www.amazon.com/Hargrove-Quintet-Robinson-Clayton-Coleman/dp/B0016OMFPW Check it out!


  1. I feel like a Grammy watching that show too... I didn't watch this year but I saw clips and would have to agree with you on how weird Whitney Houston talks, and how cute that JHud brought her purse up there!... And YAYAY for Terence Blanchard!!

  2. What's the creepy Neil Diamond story? Pleeeeeaase!?


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