Girls! Girls! Girls!


So this past weekend I took off and spent an entire two days with my girls. Vonster was visiting from Ottawa and we took the opportunity to talk (too much), drink (too much) and eat (too much). We don't get enough quality time together now that we're all grown up and have come to realize that these occasional times together are vital, not just to our relationships with each other but to our own well being. Fun matters, people! Embrace your friendships. Make the time.

I was pretty much stalking my girls with my camera all weekend (some touristy shots made their way in there too - nothing like vacationing in your own city). The moments not documented include crazy spa times (how much did I love swimming in a heated outdoor pool in FEBRUARY?!) and midnight chip truck visits. Some things, like poutine, are often better left to the imagination...


  1. Oh look at your lovely city and beautiful friends!! It looks like so much fun. I definitely agree that is very important! (Also important: Add the words "too much" to everything you do together! Ha.) You still have some snow there? Looks so pretty. (I always just LOVE vacationing in my own city too!)

  2. The pics are gorgeous and I'm glad you guys had so much fun. Now, what the hell is a 'chip truck'?


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