When I get home, I put on pajamas


There is nobody sane who gets home and wants to stay in their day clothes. The only people I want to know are the ones in the fuzzy pink bath robes. The army of comfortable people shuffling around in their slippers and the legions of ladies in ripped yoga pants? Those are my people. Let me sit next to them, covered in a blanket, in front of the tv. The rest of you are NUTS!


  1. You wait until you get home to put on your pajamas?

  2. No wonder I am so sane... I want to wear pajamas all day long!!!

  3. Amen!

    So, on weekends when you have nothing else to do, do you ever find yourself taking a shower and putting on fresh pajamas during the day?

  4. Oh my God! You're back! Why didn't someone tell me!!

    I feel the same way about my day clothes. Even if I was just out running errands I HAVE TO REMOVE what I was wearing once I get home. My mom, on the other hand, will leave her day clothes on until she gets ready for bed. I NEVER got that!

  5. AND...that's why you're my kind of people.


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