Photo shoot with Gail Packwood.


Gail Packwood is a Toronto based writer, theatre producer and exceptional brunch companion. The inspiration behind this shoot was the aesthetic seen in Alfred Hitchcock's early British work. Gail posed for me at The King Edward Hotel in downtown Toronto and completely owned the Secret Agent vibe I was looking for. What a pleasure to work with this talented and beautiful subject!


  1. Over the years (thanks to Paula) "Hitchcock" has become an adjective in our family. You have brought it to stunning life with your shots.

    Last night I finished re-reading George Baxt's "The Alfred Hitchcock Murder Case" wherein our hero becomes the MacGuffin. (Check out my blog of last August 13.)

  2. Oh what gorgeous photos... I am in awe!

  3. Great work...As always.

  4. Thanks for the positive feedback Ladies!


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