Serenity Now.


Some wheat looking stuff that I found growing across the street from my office building. If you squint and tilt your head just so, it makes the hustle and the bustle quiet down a little bit.


  1. I am a Midwesterner, and I couldn't pinpoint it any better than you did with "wheat looking stuff." Still, I am glad that you had at least a couple of minutes to capture the images above.

    Hang in there, Tracey, I can totally empathize with the busy thing.

  2. Serenity now indeed! Lovely photos... All I have to look at here are the deadly-yet-colorful remains in a co-worker's dirty tupperware containers.

    Guess the way they are stacked could be considered quite artistic...

  3. I can see that being peaceful, but with the critters invading my basement all I can think is "I bet there's snakes in there!"


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