Dream Come True


We have a lot to catch up on, you and moi. You should know that I'm not going to tell you about my 2nd straight month of being hive-ridden or about all the work that is piling up on my desk keeping me from the fun stuff, because I'm not eighty yet, bitches. That is not all there is.

I could tell you how proud I am of the Robeau for raising over $4000 yesterday for The Bad Dog Theatre or about how much FUN Mo and I had seeing Squeeze from the front row at Koolhaus last night, but I can't. I can't focus. All I can think about is this.

But I can't talk about it. There are now words. I'm changed, we are all, I'll say that.

I will say this, too: I know we are all thinking about Gustav and hoping he makes a quiet exit. With that in mind, I wanted to let you all know that if you are in Toronto, I'm holding a "mini-exhibition" of my photo series New Orleans: where do we go from here? in honour of The Annex Summer Repertory Theatre production of A Streetcar Named Desire and to mark today, the third anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. The show runs for the next two weeks.

Meanwhile, John WALNUTS! McCain nominates Liz Lemon to be his VP. I'm gonna leave this one alone for now. It's just too...easy.


  1. It is truly an interesting time to live in middle America. We've got Gustav bearing down on the south and the GOP coming down from the north. This is going to be quite a week, for sure!

  2. Hives? You have hives? God, I hope you're better now!


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