Rat, drowned.


It's been pouring for an hour. This is the kind of rain that is so...torrential...that even people with umbrellas wait under awnings for it to calm down. I wouldn't be one of those people. Cause you know that if I had my umbrella with me it would NOT have rained. Have I ever even used my umbrella? Like ever?

So, when backed into a corner, I got all plucky about it. I was going to walk in the rain, damn it. And you know, it was kind of fun. All the other idiots that were getting soaked were laughing and screaming every time a gust of wind came along, or the thunder rolled. There's something about getting soaked that acts as a great equalizer. There we were, all the people who never would have made it through boy scouts, mascara streaming down our faces, feet sloshing through puddles knowing we weren't alone.

SO...now that I am home, cozy in my robe listening to the rain on my window, a rain themed playlist from The Youtubes:

Rihana / JayZ - Umbrella

I know? I'm SO current all the sudden. But it's a catchy tune damn it.

Gene Kelly - Singing in the Rain.

Only the best ever, that's all.

Tay Zonday - aka "The Chocolate Rain Guy" - Chocolate Rain

Weird-ass Youtube sensation Zonday and his weird-ass song Chocolate Rain.

Have you seen the South Park Episode Canada on Strike? Chocolate Rain guy is featured there. Go on, have a laugh:

And check this out! Some Dude (Jack Casey) did a bass-jazz-fusion-cover of Chocolate Rain. I find that to be both clever and snarky. In a good way.


  1. I can think of nothing better than being out in the rain. I think I own an umbrella but it's never been wet.

    Thanks for the rain related vids.

  2. Hey, prunie! You're gorgeous even when soaked. Thanks for the music!

  3. I can't believe you know 'Chocolate Rain'! Have you seen John Mayer's version?

  4. I have a gift for you if you email me your home/office address. It's better than Chocolate Rain (only slightly) and it will make you smile daily.


  5. Lovely!! I love walking in the rain, especially with waterproof mascara, haha!

  6. You do look like you actually enjoyed the rain walk. I got rained on last night even though I was using my umbrella, it made me angry. I wish I could have embraced it like you!


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