Jake Wilkinson, every Monday in July!


A quick note to let you know that Jake Wilkinson will be playing with his wonderful Quartet every Monday in July starting at 6:30pm at The Rex Hotel. Wash away the dust of the work day and enjoy Jake's blend of standards and ballads over a drink or dinner at one of the most comfortable and welcoming rooms in the city. If you are in Toronto, and would like more details, drop me a note...

"Jake is one of those rare musicians who really understands the voice of the trumpet. His horn sings and shouts whispers. It tells you a story. It lets you in on a secret. It surprises you. It guides you through songs that are fresh and new but somehow familiar. It's the voice of a friend who knows jazz, inside and out." - Andy Sheppard, CBC Radio.

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  1. Hey Darlin', amazing when I meet someone who knows who the brothers were. My old man was Monk. Wes was unique but my dad was amazing. He played everything as well as he played the bass but he stayed with the bass. He died in '82 but I still have his music. Buddy's still out there making music. He's in his 80's now and playing like he''s in his 30's.

    If you send me you snail mail address, I'll send you something special. It's so cool, that if I told you what it is before I sent it, you'd faint dead away.

    Thanks for being you, being aware, and spreading the word.

    God (Montgomery)


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