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This morning while flipping channels, we stumbled on The Wiz. It's a weird movie. Lots going for it, but lots of missteps too. That said, there are four minutes towards the end that may be home to one of the greatest performances ever captured on film. I know it sounds like I'm overstating something here, but stick with me. Now, I've documented my affection for Richard Pryor here in the past. But this morning, while watching a movie as a curiosity, I was reminded what made him so great. I laughed and cried, all within FOUR MINUTES. Pryor was broad and subtle at once. Pryor knew how to inhabit a character. Pryor gives a master class in comedy and acting inside of a weird, kind of mediocre movie like The Wiz. Watch it here - but skip ahead five minutes to avoid an undeniably creepy dance number. I hope he blows you away, too.


  1. The man rose above his material and the surrounding creepiness. I'm glad you came across this. Channel surfing has its advantages.

    Did I hear Nipsey?

  2. Yes, you heard Nipsey.

    Bravo Richard! He was a nerve. An often painful, usually aching, always honest, funny, writhing nerve. He embodied everything that is in all of us, whether we know it (admit it) or not. It took guts to be Richard Pryor. To lie your soul bare for the world to look at and then make them laugh while examining your essence - more than I would be willing or capable of doing.

    Thanks MTN.

  3. Bravo is right!! I remember watching him a lot when I was younger, and I knew there was SOMEthing special, and I just was mesmerized...


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