Like I need more than ONE reason!


Yeah, I do realize that I'm obsessed with Midol. But it makes everything in my life so much better. So I'm paying homage, right now in my moment of anxiety. I've been living on a diet of soda crackers and Gatorade for the past several days since I came down with the mutant stomach flu on Sunday night. Also, work related stress is a mofo and I'm so PISSED about this whole Jeremiah Wright thing, I can't even begin to craft a response. Maybe now isn't the best time for me to be rereading Malcolm X, huh? So, yeah, sexist vintage Midol ads are my refuge. Sue me.


  1. About the Jeremiah Wright thing, it confused me for a few days. I didn't see the need to step away, I think the public has a good sense of who he is and are accepting. I think the media manipulated the situation to the point where Obama had no choice. Otherwise the focus would never shift off the colourful pastor.
    We're back on track now and I can't wait for May 6th.
    If they ever remake Sanford and Son, Jeremiah could do a great Redd Foxx, of this I have no doubt.
    We hopeful!

  2. I've always been torn as to which is the greater boon to womankind, Midol or the disposal roasting pan.

  3. I'm supposed to want to take midol for that douche? Really? With that shirt? Me thinks not.


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