God Damn It.


So, tomorrow night, Jeremiah Wright is going to appear on Bill Moyers Journal. You know, not only do I wish I could vote for Obama, I wish I could vote for Reverend Wright. Two times. Looking forward to how the media will spin his statements to terrify "mainstream" America.


  1. Wow! I thought that I was the only one. Whatever happens, it will be taken out of context soon and shown on Fox News. Stay tuned!

  2. Not that I pay that much attention to the goings on in the US (I may have mentioned - pain of death - won't watch CNN), but when I heard a bit from the Rev. my reaction was..."AND is he so far off the mark?" People are so touchy.

  3. YES, I am glad someone else agrees with me too about that. Poor 'lil "mainstream" America -- you are so sad. (Don't get me started on media like FOX etc.)

    (have a great weekend!)

  4. That's the problem, they only give you bits. The same sound bites over and over.
    Bill Moyers, thank you for a thoughtful discussion, not a confrontation. The fact the Reverend Wright chose to talk with Bill Moyers and not Bill O'Rielly speaks volumes about his character.


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