Moment of Truth


I don't know how Hillary Clinton's claims she misspoke about her visit to Bosnia can be taken seriously. I don't understand why this, and the Geraldine Ferraro racist gaffe before it, are not huge scandals. Bosniagate, anyone? About a week or two ago, comedian Sinbad, who traveled on this trip to Bosnia with Clinton, said that they were not under fire or in danger in Bosnia. Sinbad said the only thing they really did was worry about what the next place they would eat would be. When the media asked Hillary about this, she said "he's a comedian you know", claiming essentially, that Sinbad was joking. Now, you can say what you want about Sinbad, but that's no joke. She went on to claim that the gunfire did happen. Until yesterday when she said she "misspoke" after footage of the landing surfaced.

So...not only did the Junior Senator from New York try to besmirch Sinbad's good name...

She lied about running from sniper fire in Bosnia.

She lied about opposing NAFTA from the beginning.

She lied about it "being too dangerous for the President so they sent the First Lady."

She lied about her role with Macedonian refugees.

She lied about brokering the peace deal with the IRA.

She lies when she says she's authored more important legislation than Obama (each of them has authored TWO bills). She lied about Obama on NAFTA and Canada long after the truth was out.

She tells all kinds of different lies when it comes to Florida and Michigan.

How does the media let her get away with it? When is someone going to stand up and point out the truth about her lies?


  1. Anonymous11:21 PM

    Sinbad sure is pretty!
    Do you think this ability to lie like a rug will aid her in her job search?
    Come on America join Bill Richardson, he just climbed aboard the Change Train, choo,choo! Yes We Can.

  2. I can't even believe she took Sinbad... was Carrot Top busy?


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