Meet Zee Noix


Ladies, Gentlemen, Lurkers...may I introduce you to the shiniest new blog in town (drumroll, please) ZEE NOIX! Regular readers of my little corner of the intornet will recognize Zee Noix as my oldest and dearest girlfriend, who I've most recently chatted about here , here , here and here.

She is funny, smart and she takes care of people. This picture makes me laugh:

It's her wedding day, and I'm her Maid of Honour. Even though I'm supposed to be taking care of her, she knows me well enough after (at that point) 25 years to know that I would need more help getting ready than she would. Zee Noix in a nutshell.

Drop by her new blog (where she's giving her take on being a business woman taking a year off to be with her new baby in the burbs) and show her some love, won't you?

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  1. ah you're such a you gal!


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