My Girls.


Annette and Loreto and I all went to grade school together. Old friends are special. All those years of walking to school together, pooling our change for a bag of chips on the way home. Joy riding in the elevator of Loreto's building. Sitting on my balcony, drinking iced tea. Letting Annette do our make up in her basement and then taking glamour shots of ourselves. Old friends are in a unique position to know exactly how geeky you REALLY are. Old friends are the ones you can let it all hang out with.

I'm so lucky that I get to talk to Annette pretty much everyday, at least via email. I was her Maid of Honour a few years ago, and now, here she is, big shot in the bid-ness world, about to become a Mom. We haven't seen Loreto in almost three years, since she went of to the Lower East Side of Manhattan to teach. She's "To Sir With Love"! Scratch that, she's Michelle Pfeiffer from that movie with the Coolio song. She's fierce. She's gorgeous and tiny and I bet every bad ass in her class was terrified of her.

We're glad to have her back, that's for sure! We spent a couple of hours together today, the three of us, eating brunch, getting Starbucks and strolling around swanky Yorkville.

The best thing about old friends is that no matter how long it's been since you've seen eachother, you can always just ease right into the way things used be. See?


  1. Sweet essay about friends! The weather looks beautiful--just right for three girls out and about.

  2. You're a lucky woman.

  3. Aww. Thats sweet. I especially love the pics of the flowers. What kind of camera are you using?

  4. misstraceynolan9:29 PM

    Thanks Greeny. The weather was grande, indeed.

    Camillie, you are so right.

    CeCe, I use a Fuji Finpix digital with 10x zoom. I do all my "post" in iphoto. Iphoto kicks ass!!! xo

  5. You're...(sob)...all...(sob)...growed up (choke, sob, gulp)!

  6. HeeHee...Caftan Woman knew us "when"...!

  7. So happy to read, and yet so nostalgic!! I'm so glad you all got to catch-up. What a fabulous photo!! You are so lucky. (They are so lucky to know YOU!!!!)

  8. That's so cool! The last time I visited with an old friend was back in May, but she's a college friend. I don't have any buddies left from when I was a kiddo. You're all so lucky!

  9. Sean Kaye8:33 AM

    The very idea 20-25 years ago that Tracey would be publicly expressing these pictures and ideas would have been unthinkable.

    The way people change and grow over time never ceases to amaze me - oh, and BTW, despite all of the "I love the Yankees" stuff, I remember when she would head to Exhibition Stadium with her sisters and cheer for Barry Bonnell, Willie Upshaw and Cliff Johnson. Like I said, people change and things amaze.

  10. Totally still have a soft spot for the Jays of old. Totally. When the knocked down Exhibition Stadium a part of me died. They killed me.

  11. Sean Kaye2:41 AM

    One of my favourite memories growing up was picking up tickets at the old Dominion store at Stonegate for $2, heading down with my dad to batting practice and watching the Jays...

    I suppose it is youthful memories but nothing ever seemed wrong with those games. Taking "the rocket" wasn't a pain in the ass, sitting in those horrible blue seats, the cold wind coming off the lake... It all seemed awesome.

    I went to a Jays game with some high school friends last year and it felt like I was under attack from the Stadium itself - everywhere around me there was something making noise and blinking.

    Mind you, I still subscribe to MLB online and watch about 100 Jays games a year even while living in Australia, so I'm still a tragic.


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