How can the Oscars have happened when I haven't even done my Grammy wrap up yet?


Things said while watching the Grammy ceremony from a hotel room in Niagara Falls:

"Who is THAT?"
"I don't know. Who is THAT?"
"This is that Kanye song I like...don't judge me."
"Tina Turner's being launched into space."
"Aretha's wig is looking a lot better than it did when I saw her at Holt Renfrew."
"Yeah, lots of people wear wigs."
"Look! Look! It's Bryden playing 'giant trumpet' with Feist! Bryden's on the GRAMMY'S"
"Why are we still excited every time we see Bryden on TV?"
"Oh, I feel strangely protective towards Amy Winehouse. Look how surprised she is..."
"Yes, we can..."

Things said while watching the Oscar ceremony while on my couch with a flu ridden Robeau:

"Eew! Eew! I cannot believe Seacrest just pimped poor Jennifer Garner out to Gary Busey!"
"Just watching that makes me want to wash my neck. I hope she has some antibacterial lotion in her purse."
"Super Delegates...ha..."
"Good boy, Stewart"
"Why aren't they doing Supporting Actor off the top?"
"Spike! Spike and Snipes! Look at Spike's lapel!"
"I love montages."
"Why don't they just mic Nicholson?"
"All the winners seem to be French and Italian."
"Boy, when Menken & Schwartz are good they're so good and when they're bad....they're soooo bad."
"Well deserved"
"Well deserved"
"Yeah, you should go see that"
"Diabo Cody!"
"Well deserved"
"Well deerved"

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  1. The label on your post is so frickin' hilarious that it kind of overshadowed the general hilarity of the post!!


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