The Emancipation of Kenneth


There was a period in the 90's when you couldn't leave your house without seeing billboards for Mariah Carey records. You remember - "Glitter" "Rainbow" "Sparkles" "Butterfly" "Unicorn" - whatever. There was something about her persona that brought out some sort of inner High School bully I didn't know I had. She made me want to take her Trapper Keeper, which I'm sure was covered in puffy stickers and hit her in the head with it. When she screamed, I imagined her doing it in "whistle range".

Then, she got a little sad. She had the breakdown and gained some weight and I started to feel for her a little bit. And then when she had her "comeback" she was a survivor and well, I could read about her and not want to put my fist through some dry wall. It got to the point where I was amused by her. Had I grown or had Mimi?

Anyway, the truth remains that I will never buy one of her records. But I do sort of dig this video. "Kenneth" is the new "Butterfly".

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