If I was on the 'roids...


Maybe I could have gotten through November Blog Posting Month without running out of steam.

Maybe I would do the dishes every day instead of you know, once a week. Ahem.

Maybe I could do 20 minutes on Relaxo the excercise bike without the aid of the video ipod and the first season of How I Met Your Mother.

Maybe I could have had more than two glasses of wine at our staff party last night before getting sleepy.

Maybe, just maybe, I'd be able to read a whole article about Clemens and the rest of them before sighing, stopping in disgust and doing something more important, like blogging about the hypotheticals of me being on the 'roids.



  1. Maybe if I was on the 'roids, I'd be making three-figures a year too...

  2. I've become so jaded that I can't even muster up a half-hearted "Say it ain't so, Joe!".

  3. I don't even want the 'roids--I want Ritalin!

  4. We should all be glad I'm not on the 'roids. I mean really, how much fun would it be to read my blog posts from prison after I murdered all my irritating coworkers and bosses in an insane fit of rage?

  5. The news about our team has left me heartbroken, confused, and angry. I am a little perturbed that the Yanks become the central point here when so many other teams have players who are also being accused. Andy broke my heart...


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