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Putting up the Christmas decorations gives me such pleasure it's very difficult for me not to jump head first into a box of tinsel the moment the door bell stops ringing on Halloween. The past couple of years I've managed to hold off until the beginning of December at which point I light my tree the same night as the folks at Rockefeller Centre do. Why? I'm not sure...but it seems like as a good a reason as any.

If I've done it right, the decorations make me want to both entertain, and snuggle up in my bathrobe with a good book.

The view from the bedroom door. I love waking up to this...

Tree, close up: one of these days I'm getting a pre-lit tree...those cords really bug me.

The star on top of the tree, along with the inspiration on the wall.

The star on top of the tree along with inspiration on the wall

Buddy the elf, and clear ornaments with lots of coloured glass. I enjoy the contrast of the coloured glass and the black and white photograph. That's me and Noix on her wedding day.

Antique from Great Aunt Mima lives in front of Jep's comic art.

Antique from Great Aunt Mima lives infront of Jep's comic art

"Media Corner", next to the piano:

Cards in entry way to kitchen.

Cards in entry way to kitchen

The Robeau's Mother had a tradition of giving all of her kids an ornament every year that they then got to take away with them when they grew up. Here are the three wise men and two beautiful beaded handmade ornaments from that collection.

In the kitchen

All the colour and glitz seems to land in the kitchen window. The burlap is an attempt to anchor all the shine with something a little more earthy.

Kitchen Window

This collection of ornaments from my childhood and the Robeau's, along with more recent additions sit in the window in some of the many martini glasses I don't have cupboard space for.

Pottery Barn coasters - loose, looking like they don't care.

Wine glass with blue christmas balls, to match depression era tea cups:

Coloured lights offset by Bahamian painting.

Coloured lights offset by Bahamian painting

Runner and ornaments from Pier One. These are all about colour and texture. I really like blue and pink ornaments rather than the traditional red and green.

Runner and ornaments all from Pier One

TV Fireplace - A MUST


  1. Oh how I wish I was there, it looks so beautiful and cozy, and romantic (and I love pink-&-blue ornaments best too!).

    I always wondered, what area of the city do you live in?

    (I LOVE the Barefoot Contessa! She rocks.)


    (P.S. Thanks for your note! I was totally holding myself in about that show, because everyone goes all gaga over it, but I didn't see what was the big deal!)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. It all looks gorgeous!

    Between your love of the Yankees and now, the tree lighting timed to the tree lighting at Rockefeller Center, I think you're a real New Yorker.

    I went to see the tree a couple of weekends ago. It was a madhouse, but I had to go for a bit. Fun!

    9:36 PM

  4. "Loose. Looking like they don't care." HA, HA CHUCKLE. Happy Days!

  5. Beautiful! I love the gamish of colors and textures and the little bits of Christmas tucked in every corner!

  6. Your house is amazing!! I didn't do any decorations this year. None. We acted like Grinches lol Have a Merry Christmas, love!!!!

  7. Me and FI-ance got a pre-lit tree this year. They are Fabulous! And so is your sweet home :) It looks way more festive than my (currently) junky place.

  8. Merry Christmas, Tracey!

  9. Wow. Everything looks so festive and Christmas-y.

    We haven't even put ornaments on our tree yet! We are so not in the Christmas spirit.


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