Super Happy Terrific Golden FREAK OUT!


I told you about that time I got a blank fortune in my fortune cookie, right? It took several years, but I've just about gotten over it. Spent lots of time convincing myself it was not in fact cryptic, but that it just meant "possibilities". Whatever.

We went for Chinese on Sunday night in Collingwood. My fortune read "BRACE YOURSELF FOR THE TRUTH".

Why does China hate me?


  1. This could still mean 'possibilities', right?! You will have to brace yourself for something GOOD, not something bad!!

    It will be a surprise! :)

  2. The truth is, YOU ROCK!

  3. For some odd reason, I find this hysterical. I will think about it while out in public and start to chuckle. I imagine your different reactions to the two occasions. I laugh some more. Why does China hate you? sides are starting to hurt.

  4. It cracked me up too. I just imagined you, cracking open the confection, waiting to read...

    Oh my - (actually oh shit, but a better public exclamation)

  5. Maybe "THE TRUTH" is that you are related to royalty...And they are all about to die, leaving you the sole heir. What could be better?

  6. SeanKaye6:13 AM

    Do you reckon there is a show on Chinese TV that translates into something like, "F*cking With Westerner's Minds". And on this show they screw with fortune cookies, paint children's toys with lead paint and then secretly tape our reactions?


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