Finding the words.


The Robeau gets back this afternoon, thank goodness. I feel kind of guilty taking this small amount of travel that he's doing so hard. I mean, what about people that have to travel all the time? What about long distance relationships? I'm not doing the whole "living in someone else's shoes" thing very well.

Today, it brought to mind this quote from Annie Hall:

Annie: Sometimes I ask myself how I'd stand up under torture.

Alvy: You? You kiddin'? The Gestapo would take away your Bloomingdale's charge card and you'd tell 'em everything.

I can always find the words to articulate all of my guilt and neurosis in Woody Allen movies.


  1. Annie Hall is the only Allen film I really like. I was just thinking about the spider in the bathroom scene (I had a spider issue yesterday)

    Enjoy the romantic reunion!

  2. Yeah!!! Love that movie. ENJOY YOUR REUNION!!

  3. Have never seen it but i totally agree. Seiing as how I literally want to kill someone when I stub my toe the very thought of torture would ave me singing like a bird.
    Glad the Robeau is back!

  4. Guilt and neurosis are the coins of Mr. Allen's special realm.


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