Cliché, C'est Moi.


This guy's been gigging out of town a lot lately.

Now, I'm a strong minded independent woman with a lot of work to do and friends to see. I can amuse myself. I shouldn't complain. But it's LONESOME without him at home. Somehow things always seem to end up with me painting my nails, eating a frozen dinner, drinking wine and watching sitcoms. My man goes out of town and I turn into a freakin' Lifetime Movie. Sad.

And, oh yeah, the cats are turning on me. Proof, as if I needed any more, that they like him better than me.


  1. Yeah. Cats have agendas.

  2. The cats are just keeping you in line, plus because they're pissed at him for being away they're taking it out on you.

    I understand the lonesome - but the lonesome leads to the great reunion.

  3. Camille,
    That was funny as hell!

  4. Cats, schmats. Have another glass of wine and you won't care that they're ignoring you!

  5. I know the feeling. When FI-ance was working all that overtime I usually planned to get lots done, but would then end up falling asleep on the couch in front of reruns of some sort.

  6. My first thought was aww! Then girl get up and do something! Then I realzied that - that is me. Seriously. And sad. Now get up and go do something anything that doesn't involve TV.

  7. Oh boy I get the same way. (I not only end up looking like a Lifetime movie, I end up WATCHING too many of them too!) Many glasses of wine do indeed help!! (Thanks so much for your note too; it made me feel better.)

  8. OK. You all crack me right up. The truth is, once he's home we'll both go back to doing our own things, but I won't be stuck in this weird rut.


    and PS, the cats showed me some LOVE last night. Bless their furry little hides.


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