Pouting over a carrot stick.


Hellooooo Bloggy McBloggerson. I know it's been almost a week. I'm sorry. Next time I plan to be away this long I promise to leave an extra bowl of water for you. Of course the fact that I haven't been blogging doesn't mean that the world stops turning, does it? While I've been keeping busy not doing the dishes or the laundry or going to bed a decent hour the Hillary Clinton campaign song...um...situation...came to a conclusion. I know you've all probably seen this already, but I have to post it here for posterity. Because, yeah, I think it's awesome, I admit it. Hillary Clinton's spoof of the Sopranos finale:

If she doesn't get the nomination I fully expect her and Bill to get a sitcom or something. I know what you're thinking. You're thinking Chelsea has suffered enough. Still, I'd tune in every week to watch him pout over a carrot stick. I really would.

While the video itself was awesome, the song choice is so wrong I don't even know where to start. Celine Dion's "You and I" was written specifically as a commercial for Air Canada. I shit you not, Bloggy McBloggerson. Her campaign song is from a commercial for a Canadian airline. Sung by a CANADIAN. Also, it's just a really, really crappy song. Nothing inspiring about that. The odds of "You and I" being played behind a balloon drop of any kind are slim to none. And when I say slim, I mean borderline anorexic, like Celine herself. Ah, well.

Today is my last day at CSIS until after the Canada Day long weekend at the beginning of July! Ring rang a dong for a holiday! I'll be staying in town working at and enjoying the Toronto Jazz Festival. Not sure how often I'll be able to update, but I hope to. If anyone reading this is in Toronto and is looking for suggestions on what to check out at the Festival, drop me a line and I'll lay my official opinion on ya!


If you're wondering what I was up to while I wasn't blogging there is some photographic evidence over at my Flickr Account, nothing crazy exciting, but, you know, I like to share!



  1. I can't believe she picked that lame song. The fact that Celine is a Canadian isn't a factor. Just that the song is lame to the tenth power.

  2. Canada Day? Is that like your July 4th or something? Anyway, have a great jazzy weekend!

  3. OH I am so jealous of you at the Toronto Jazz Festival!! Oh I am so envious :) Have a fun time!!

    Have you ever heard Kathy Griffin's riff on Celine Dion? I just caught it while channel-surfing last weekend. (It's so hilarious; I keep thinking about how she mimics Dion's voice every time I see that Clinton video.)

    (P.S. thanks again for all your comments; you really always make my day, thank you. have a great time this weekend!)

  4. Missed you while you were out in the Lamberton wilderness.


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