List of Five: Robeau Addition


Yesterday I called the Robeau and asked him to send me his List of Five so I could put them up on ol' Bloggy McBloggerson here. He's a good boy, with good taste and he complied. The funniest part about the whole thing to me was when he asked me if he overlooked anyone obvious. Cause I would know. Cause this is how we spend our time. Sitting in front of the television talking about our List of Five. Is it wrong that this makes me very, very happy?

His list is strong and full of women I would love to hang out with. And if I ever put together a list of ladies that I would consider switching teams for, I'm pretty sure at least four of these women would be on it. Dig his (specific requests):

Megan Mullally
Jennifer Connelly (pre-eyebrow-plucking)
Stockard Channing
Sarah Silverman
Rudi Bakhtiar (pre-Fox News, in glasses)/Maureen Dowd

perennial runners-up: Salma Hayek

Also, I just have to say I love that I live in a world where Salma Hayek is runner up for ANYTHING.


  1. All the men folk love The Connelly. She is very beautiful.

  2. Rudi Bakhtiar (pre-Fox News, in glasses)

    ...makes me smile. Also, that you termed these little parentheticals 'special requests'.

  3. oh that is so cute!! I love his requests... Stockard Channing & Sarah Silverman... who wouldn't!!

  4. It's so nice that the two of you have so much in common!


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