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Hey Bloggy McBloggerson. I've been neglecting you while I've been off covering the Art of Jazz Festival this past weekend (lots of pics over on my flickr account if you are interested) and doing lots and lots of sleeping this week. I can't believe it's already Thursday! Seems like I really opened a can of worms with the whole "list of five" thing. I've been enjoying the conversation in the comments section and the fun that carried over to Greeny's site (where she made me blush, as only she can).

The truth is, I feel like you're all up, drinking and chatting in my kitchen while I've been snoring on the couch. Time for me to wake up, wipe the sleep from eyes and join the fun!

From the comments section:

ThatGreenyFlower said...
List of five what? (I feel way stupid asking this because you say it like I should KNOW...)

jali said...
I've never watched Charlie Rose. I've been too busy watching pointless, senseless contest: That celebrity weight loss show with Dustin Diamond, Charm School, Real World reunions - yanno - the crap.

I want to know list of 5 what, too!

miss tracey nolan said...
Ah, ladies, I was being vague, I must admit. The idea is, you’re entitled to come up with a list of five celebrities who, if you were ever able to hook up with them, you would be forgiven (by your spouce) for hooking up with. It came from an Episode of "Friends" that featured a cameo by Isabella Rossellini and always makes for good party conversation. The Robeau makes fun of me because he assumes that my list will consist of only gay and dead or near dead men. Charlie Rose is none of those things, and he is on my list.

ThatGreenyFlower said...
Oh! I get it. Now I have to think hard and come up with my OWN list of five. Who else is on yours?

Greeny's list of five is one that I applaud. You can find it in her comment section. Jeff Buckley is a nice choice, Greeny. I kind of knew who he was in high school, because my friends all LOVED him. Being that I am a huge jazz / show tune nerd it ended there. I didn't hear him sing until they used one of his tracks on The West Wing. About a month after that I was hired to MC a tribute to him that a bunch of alternative musicians were putting on at the Rivoli in Toronto. I did my research and really liked his recordings. I met his mother that night, she came to Toronto for the event. That was quite moving because it was obviously such a bittersweet thing for her. I was sitting backstage when they brought her in the stage door. They were playing his music over the sound system and when she heard his voice she went weak in the knees. And she was so young. Very sad.

Malnurtured Snay said...
Charlie Rose? WHY?!

Cause he's hot. I like everything about Charlie Rose. I'm not an apologist. I will not back down!!!!!!!!

jali said...
How did I forget the one with the list??!!! That was a great episode.

Gregory House (character on House) is at the top of my list.

Tracy you HAVE to choose:
Which one - Ross, Joey or Chandler? only sub: Gunther.

Jali - that Gunther mention cracked me right up. I have to go with Chandler. I adore Chandler. I also applaud your choice, Jali of Gregory House and wonder if you've had the good fortune of seeing Hugh Laurie's earlier comedy work from the UK? Get thee to youtube if you haven't! You won't be sorry...

littlebirdblue said...
ACK! Miss Tracey, you've opened a can of list-of-5 worms over at Greeny Flower's joint.

And I love it!

Cece said...
I knew what the five was, but had no idea who Charlie Rose is. Thanks to my new summer school teacher Google I found out and have concluded that this one is based on personailty, no?
And I only have like 2 on my five how sad is that?

CeCe, we'd like to know who your two are. Spill.

Still not apologizing for the fact that I seem to be the only one on the internet who knows Charlie Rose is hot.

Caftan Woman said...
Okay. Charlie Rose is on my list, but only because nowadays all I'm looking for is some good conversation.

Whatever. More for me. Yeah, I said it.

SoMuchSugar said...
LOVE the "list of five" concept! And Charlie Rose... you definitely have some taste, m'lady!

FINALLY! Yes Sugar. I do have taste. Good taste. Feh!

SoMuchSugar said...
(P.S. course, I'd never have the guts to go through with it!)

Sadly, we will probably never get to find out if we've got the guts or not.

Trish said...
I'm going with Keanu Reeves. You can have Charlie Rose. If by list of five, you mean what I think you mean. If you don't mean that, then I'm still going with Keanu Reeves just because.

Keanu Reeves went to my high school. Before I did and only for a year, but you can bet that yearbook was in HIGH circulation. Good ol' Keanu. I met his half sister once too. Through work. She was really nice. Didn't drop his name once. You can bet, if I was Keanu Reeves' half sister I'd be carpet bombing that fact everywhere. "Can I have a double tall nonfat latte please...I'm Keanu Reeves' half sister" stuff like that, or "I'm Keanu Reeves' half sister and he's on Trish's list of five!"


I struggle with my list of five. Nailing it down, so to speak. This is what I'm working with today:

The obscure:
Charlie Rose

The obvious:
Denzel Washington
George Clooney

The dead:
Jack Lemmon

The fictional (thank you Jali!):
Take your pick of anyone written by Aaron Sorkin. Anyone.

Honourable Mention:
I applaud LittleBirdBlue's choice of Clive Owen. Well done. Sadly, for all involved, I just don't have room on my list for Clive. Maybe tomorrow. I am like the wind.

In the interests of full disclosure...

The Robeau's list of five is on the way. Don't worry. He has good taste.

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  1. Thanks! I appreciate that you know who Jeff Buckley is and appreciate his greatness. Love your list!


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