Comedy lost one of its best and brightest yesterday. Equally adept at playing the goofball or the straight man, Tom Poston was a class act all the way.

Just a couple of weeks ago when Kitty Carlisle Hart passed away I posted a clip from To Tell the Truth where one of the other panelists was the wonderful Tom Poston. News of his passing came along yesterday. This one makes me more sad than I would have expected what with the whole "long life, well lived" thing. Someone who made it to 85, had such talent and such a great career and a seemingly contented and fun personal life - well - it's hard not to just say "good for you", applaud those 85 years and smile. But this one makes me sad. Like most people of my generation I first saw Tom Poston on "Newhart" in the 80's, but the way I will remember him, and the way I most enjoyed him was on The Steve Allen Show.


  1. Anonymous10:20 PM

    I was finally catching up on my blog reading. If it wasn't for your post I would have not heard about dear ol' Tom...but, of course eventually I would of that ol' Entertainment Tonight or, CNN would have caught my eye.
    That is so sad, you and Tom share a lot in common. Both tall, can play the straight or, goofy part and love Steve Allen. Love the bit you posted, makes me wonder where has comedy gone these day. So simple yet so fresh the bit is in 2007. I'm going to go off and play some champagne music on my ribs.

  2. Over on the IMDb, where I spend a lot of time, poster jacawaro placed this on the Tom Poston Board: When St. Peter asks Tom his name I bet Tom will give St. Peter a laugh by doing his Man on the Street routine and forget his name.

    A lovely smile from another fan.

  3. caftan woman, please tell your imdb friend jacawaro he made me smile too.: )

  4. I guess I'm to young to know who he was?? But that's the great thing about creating some form of art, even those who didn't know you can still apreciate you.


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