On finding comfort in the authenticness of felt and googly eyes.


When your girlfriend with kids (aka Mrs. Robby Disco) emails you a link for something that is, and I quote, worse than Barney, you really start to worry. What kind of crap has she been forced to watch by short people? Well...here it is....Hip Hop Harry. Wow. What can you say? Is this supposed to be, I don't know, urban or something? If it is, why is he at a suburban community centre with a bunch of medicated looking kids? The Robeau took a look and is distressed that the bear has such light coloured fur. I'm just distressed. Mostly because I can't get "When I say Hip Hop, you say Harry!" out of my head. It's unreal.

I went on Youtube to try and find an antidote and found this freakin' GEM from the good people at the Children's Television Workshop. You want URBAN Harry you Bastard? I've got your urban RIGHT HERE!

After I watched the Subway song I got a little sad. I mean they just don't make kids shows like they used to, back in my day, right? Then I found something recent from Sesame Street.

(Insert drum roll here)

"Law and Order, Special Letters Unit". Bless their urban little hearts, spoofing a CRIME DRAMA ABOUT RAPE VICTIMS!!!! Also, I'm pretty convinced Belzer is doing his own voice and that means that Munch has now appeared on something like 42 different shows on 7 different networks. I love everything this stands for. Suck it Bernie. Take the gas pipe Hip Hop Harry. The Muppets still rule the city.


  1. HA! "You want urban..."

  2. Ok, I just looked at HHH and he is sooooo disturbing! Who thought it was a good idea to get a fuzzy character throwing gang signs while talking about human physiology? Gives me the freakin' CREEPS.

  3. HA! I just realized who Hip Hop Harry reminds me of. Doesn't he look like Kevin James?

  4. YES! Sesame Street and the Muppets RULE. That Hip-Hop-Harry is indeed disturbing. I miss the 'Muppet Show' too, and all its odd guest-stars...

    (thanks for your kind words yesterday; i was a bit down & it helped!)

  5. My secret confession.

    I sometimes get up early in the morning to make sure that Mrs Disco didn't leave TLC on from the night before ... so that the short man dosn't wake up and get hooked-on-harry. He mind is sooo malable that its scary ... it has't developled his parent's sense of taste yet. Personally I'd like to see Harry throw down against Barney ...


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