20 lashes with wet noodle.


That's my penance for being such a neglagent little blogger lately. I'm sorry Bloggy McBloggerson, but hey, check out some of the cool stuff I've scouted for you while I've been busy not writing:

I don't like to talk about my day job at CSIS, because I like my job a lot and if I did talk about it I would live in fear of stepping in it and being dooced. I will make this one, rare exception to direct you all to the website for the Canadian Premiere of We Will Rock You and the photos I got to take at a press event last week. The show opens next month and promises to be a fun, rockin' romp! And who couldn't use some of that these days?

Since I am now a Rock Chick Supremo I want to give a shout out to my favourite Rock Chick, my friend, surrogate little sister and Toronto's own Basia Lyjak. She rocked it old school at the ElMocombo on Friday night (where Zee Noixy and I worked the door) and her brand new EP "Writings on the Wall" has just been released. I know what you're thinking, you're thinking, "but Nolan, a ROCK recommendation? We trust you to show us how to snap on two and four, but please, keep your ROCK advice to yourself." And I understand your skepticism. I really do. But go on, and have a listen. She is fabulous. She rocks.

This week in egg news, I had a wonderful mid-afternoon brunch yesterday with the lovely Hutch. She introduced me to a great breakfast joint called BOOM. The Martini Boys Review says it all pretty nicely. As did the contented look on my face after delicious eggs benny with perfect hollandaise, crispy, seasoned taters and fresh fruit. A plate full of good, sunny eggs are the perfect antidote to the February blaaahs.

On another note, damn it's cold. I miss global warming.


  1. Tracey,
    I'll check out your friend's music tonight. Oh, I went to brunch yesterday, too. It sucked. It was this place with a great reputation and it was dreadful. The company was excellent, though.

  2. You're too funny. I love brunch, its my excuse to eat steak and homefries while everyone else is having eggs.
    I have the perfect eggs benny recipe for when you have people over. Assemble the "lot" in muffin tins. Use 1 egg, 1 slice ham or bacon, and one english muffin. Bake for about 20 minutes. When its done flip over and voila eggs benny. Mix up some hollandaise and your done.
    Ok see now I'm hungry ;-)

  3. Trish - next time stay home and try CeCe's AWESOME recipe. CeCe? What temp for 20 min?

    Oh, God, I want some breakfast!

  4. I do it on 350 or 375. Most of the time when I'm making that I'm hungover so i just turn the knob and hope it doesn't burn.
    Oh see now I want to post my entire brunch menu.


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