Last week I wrote about how I was too busy to post because of a plague that spread through the office at CSIS. I wasn't sick, I was just working extra hard. I was healthy, and I was going to stay that way thanks to the industrial strength anti-bacterial spray I was wielding. It had an illustration of a 1950's nurse on it, little hat and all. It said it was effective against all germs and things like TB! I was cocky. I was taking vitamin c, wearing my hat and I had the spray. And that's when it happened. I got knocked on my ass and spent the first half of this week lying on the couch, moaning and watching The View. I couldn't muster up the strength to change the channel when Rachael Ray came on. I was ILL.

I'm pretty well recovered now and have spent the weekend getting caught up on work and trying to do some fun stuff to. This afternoon I was at the Art Gallery of Ontario to see Jean Renoir's 1939 masterpiece, "R├Ęgle du jeu, La" (The Rules of the Game). Tonight is all about the delicious beef stew that the Robeau made (by request!) and the return of TV's Jack Bauer! Whoo and hoo, people!

Last night we hung out at the "Clarmitages" where young Mr. Sam proved that 7 and half months really is the cutest, most entertaining age a human can be. I fully expect him to prove me wrong once he hits 8 months. Early that day found me at the Distillery District with Trish and Zee Noixy where we enjoyed the sights and the tastes that wonderful little area has to offer.

The photographic evidence:


  1. Anonymous10:05 PM

    Sorry to hear of your illness. Sorrier still to hear of your enforced time with the "ladies" of The View. For the name of heaven, get some batteries for that remote!

    -Black Tarantula

  2. Sam Man is BLUSHING and oozing with ego from your flattering words! Kudos for hangin' on Sat!

  3. I couldn't muster up the strength to change the channel when Rachael Ray came on. I was ILL."

    Good God, girl, you were sick if you couldn't turn the channel when the queen of annoyance came on the tv.

    Hope you feel better. laughing at the idea of you running around over there wielding an anti-bacterial spray and wearing a hat, popping vitamin C. I am NOT laughing that you got sick.

    Missed your blog. Oh, btw, I deleted my vox blog. I couldn't do both. I know, I am a slacker.
    Jesus, I had so much to say, I can't shut up. The Robeau makes stew: he's a keeper.


  4. I would think that much "The View" watching would inspire you to climb to the top of a skyscraper and do an impersonation of that jeep full of Nazis in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Y'know. The ones Indy runs off the cliff. "Aiiiieeeeeeeee..." *splat*

  5. I'm glad you feel better now. I can't make up my mind about Rachel Ray. I want to like her, but her crooked little mouth and damned perkiness won't let me.


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