Open Letter to whoever it was that left the cheap ass red wine at my place after our Christmas party.


Thank you.

I had no idea $7 Merlot (of all things) could be so delicious and satisfying. Of course I had no idea it was cheap ass wine when I corked the bottle and tried it. I had no way of knowing. Because you didn't tell me. What I do know is that when you bring a bottle of cheap ass wine to someone's house you don't own up to it. You leave it on the bar and run. The same way you do if you leave a flaming bag of poop on someone's door step.

So I understand.

The thing is, I want you to know how much I enjoyed it. And then when I found out just how CHEAP it was? I enjoyed it even more. You've managed to appeal to both my "good taste" side and my "trash" side. Bravo, anonymous friend. Bravo. I love you. And I love Grey Fox Merlot.


  1. You know I am a die hard fan of Yellow Tail Shiraz - thats my go to red wine. But I had YT Merlot like a week ago and oh my freakin god it was so good. Much sweeter than the Shiraz and more fruity, plummy. And its cheap! The best of both worlds.

  2. I'm not a wine person, but my FI-ance raves about the "Four Buck Chuck" they sell here at a grocery chain called Trader Joe's. He bought 4 bottles at once one time. Boy, do I ever love my little boozer.

  3. Maderine9:46 AM

    Gnarly Head red zin is SUPER good--lots of body, but not overwhelming. More than I expected for a $10 bottle of wine. My mom liked it too and bought a every time I visit her, I sneak a bottle home under my coat.

  4. Ladies, thanks for the wine info!

    Maderine! Where's your blog???

  5. Maderine8:50 AM

    Miss T, I think you're the first one to notice it was gone! *Bows humbly*

    Well, I wrote about a fictionalized patient who had a personality disorder, and I wrote about how incredibly challenging it was for me to deal with that person. Someone else on Blogger has a whole blog dedicated to that personality disorder, disliked my post (because apparently I should love EVERYONE???), and sent me a very angry and accusing series of comments...even going so far as veiled threats to report me to my licensing board. I thought to myself, "Could this person really figure out what board I'm licensed with?" Then I thought, "Maybe, if this person is pissed enough..." Then I thought, "Ok, I deal with this all day at work and I can not TAKE any more of it at home." So I shut down my blog.

    I miss it.

  6. I miss it too! Lady, that sucks! I hope you reconsider. I understand not wanting to bring unwanted stress into your life though. I get it. It just sucks.

  7. I miss it too, Maderine. That is unbelievable. You should be able to write what you want without harassement. I was wondering, but I thought you went to Vox.

  8. I spelled harassment wrong above. I'm not sure I spelled it correctly here. I must it. I'll be back.


    harrassment is the correct spelling according to the Websters.

  9. Maderine10:06 PM

    Hey, thanks, ladies! Love y'all, serve y'all...or something like that.

    Anyway, what I really do understand is that kind of black/white one-sided thinking and attack kind of mentality is really a part of the particular personality disorder I wrote about. It's just that I have to deal with it professionally and it saps all of my positive energy away, and I really don't want that kind of negativity seeping into my spirit any more than it has to.

    I'll be honest--I was really mad at first. I thought of setting up a new blog and calling it, "I_fucking_HATE_[fill in personality disorder here]_people" but then I realized that I would have been being as reactionary as this other person was, and as negative. I'm more grown up than that...most of the time.

    I'll be watching you both, so keep me informed! xo


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