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This weekend as the Robeau and I drove back from our visits to London and Sarnia I was switching around the FM dial and found a radio station that has gone all holiday! Too soon? Ummm, hell yes, but am I going to complain? No, no I'm not. Because I am one of those people. Those people most of you out there hate. I'm a total whore for the holidays. And you know, now that American Thanksgiving is approaching I feel like I can give myself the green light to go for it and start thinking about decorating the house! And playing the christmas music! And to try the new holiday recipes! "and this and that and things of that nature..."!

Arty close up of last year's tree. And yes, by "arty" I do indeed mean blurry.

Last year I chronicled my music picks. Tell me - am I missing something? Recommendations? While you're at it, share your fave holiday recipe ideas and decorating tips. I'm opening this one up for discussion. I want to know your traditions and your favourite ways to spend the cozy winter nights. Share, internet friends, share!


  1. Anonymous2:13 PM

    Conversation in Mimico

    Him: M'm, chocolate chip cookies. You've been baking. Oh, no. I'll bet you were listening to Christmas music while everyone was out!

    Me: No. I played the soundtrack to "Holiday Inn" and, as you know, there is only one Christmas song in the movie.

    Him: Yeah. That's right. Only one Christmas song. Only THE Christmas Song. Anyway, thanks for the cookies.


  2. Tracey,
    Heat Miser and Snow Miser song from the "Year Without A Santa Claus"

    I don't like xmas music before Thanksgiving but the Friday after, it's all good.

    Great music picks, Tracey.

    Oh, a confession: I like artificial trees! I know, it's wrong, but there you have it.

  3. Oh, BT, turns out you're the sneaky one! Nice work. THE christmas song came on the radio in the car on Sunday and I blasted it. Like it was a rock song. I just stopped short of rolling down the windows.

    Trish, Trish, Trish, fake trees are where it's AT! Someday I plan on buying myself a pink one. I'm not kidding.

    Keep your tips coming folks...

  4. Anonymous12:55 PM

    Fond though I am of the L'il Folks, Charlie Brown has given the artifical tree a bad rap. Pink? Great! Pin and tin? Greater!

    Seek out: "Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol" features a lovely Jule Styne ballad sung by Eb's lost love.


  5. Your photo caption made me laugh out loud, Tracey. Love it!

  6. I'm glad you guys didn't laugh at my fake tree love. A pink tree would be cool. I had a white tree once.

  7. Anonymous4:51 PM

    I myself went a little nutty this year and decorated my place two weeks before AT (American Thanksgiving). Crazy, right?

    My favorite thing to do is make a display of old Christmas cards I've been sent on my wall...in the shape of a tree! Then I put up some white, blinking icicle lights and get down with the eating.

    Commence the festivities, boys!


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