By now we've all seen Michael Richards' weird racist outburst in a Los Angeles comedy club. And the subsequent apology. Yesterday, when I saw the video my first thought was, "yeah, Richards was always the weird one". Whenever the cast of Seinfeld got together and did television interviews to promote the DVDs of the series he always seemed like the odd man out. Jerry Seinfeld was always personable, funny and first and foremost a true professional. Jason Alexander was the "actor" of the group and a fine interview and Julia Louis Dreyfus was always looking like a million bucks and the most like her on screen character - quirky and charming. Richards always came across as aloof, distant and put off. Like he resented having to promote his art. Michael Richards was never funny. Michael Richards as Kramer? One of the finest comic creations in television history. With the help of Jerry Seinfeld, Larry David and the dream team of writers they brought together, Richards was able to bring something really special to life.

Michael Richards never should have been on that stage in the first place. The man is not a stand up. It's actually kind of insulting that he thought he could get up there and do that kind of an act. He couldn't. Letting any clown get up there with a mic is like giving a child a loaded gun. He didn't know how to use his weapon. Ironic that he spent a decade working with one of the greatest crafts people ever in Jerry Seinfeld and he didn't pick up any tricks of the trade. He lost control of the audience and when he tried to bring them back - with startling rage and ugly racist comments - he went off the rails. I get that he was angry. It's not fun to be heckled. I've been there. But ANY comic worth their salt knows how to handle that kind of obstacle. And any human being worth their salt knows that you don't talk to people the way he did.

Michael Richards is a great character actor. What's sad is that a couple of nights ago, he displayed a shocking lack of personal character. And you know what? That matters.


  1. Wise words, Ms. T!

    (BTW, am wondering if you've gotten your deluxe 2006 Christmas sweater yet? ;))

  2. Welcome back, friend! I spent $50 on christmas ornaments yesterday. That counts for something ;)

  3. Tracey,
    You are absolutely right on every point with this post. Here, here.

  4. oh, Tracey... Don't kill me, but I "outed" you as a standup on the AAJ board, where the argument over this has taken some ugly turns.

    Please feel free to read me the riot act if you'd like!

    Oh, and enjoy that Christmas sweater that you hid underneath the the stack of ornaments you bought, OK? ;) [hee]

  5. I've been outed! LOL! I'll have to get over there this afternoon and check it out! Too funny. Have a great thanksgiving, all of you lovely Americans. Now I'm off to work. Just another day for us...sigh.

  6. I heard a little tid-bit about Jerry Seinfeld this morning on the radio. The story goes that Jerry was being heckled. So, he shut up and let the audience hear all the dumb comments that the guys was making. Jerry then made a snide and appropriately funny remark to the a-hole who was firing hiw mouth off. The afore mentioned a-hole then stood up and threw a glass at Jerry's head.

    Jerry replied, "I am gonna stand here and enjoy watching your ass get thrown outta here."

    Jerry then stood quietly on stage for 2 mins of uncomfortable silence ... and no one moved.

    Finally, the club owner goes onstage and tells Jerry that he has to leave!

    Turns out that the guy was some sort of smalltime mob boss.

  7. Ah, I didn't think you'd mind!

    BTW, have you seen the comments I left on your Bernie Boo post? (The long one, from October.)

  8. Anonymous4:46 PM

    I'm not part of the Seinfield cult, but I did think it was a great show. Now, it's totally ruined for me.


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