Nature Girl, reporting for duty.


Just back from a relaxing weekend in Collingwood with the Robeau. We figured we should get another visit in before winter hits and the rates go through the roof for ski season. He was traveling all last week so it was nice to put down roots for a couple of days. The chalet we were in this time was smaller than the last visit and felt a little more "cottage-like" which isn't really a selling point for me. However, it was adequate in most respects and far, far superior in one other. Two words and tub. Oh, the joy of a hot tub! I could have lived in that thing. No, really. LIVED in it.

The view from the kitchen window

Is it safe?

Winter is on it's way...

The Robeau becomes one with the trees.

Not sure why I feel compelled to share this no make up Sunday afternoon shot with you. Probably just to prove that I actually left the city. Next time I'll hold a newspaper with the date next to my head.

Rural Decay

I really like rust. Does that make me weird?

More rust. So much more interesting than the trees, right?

We found a rust gold mine on the grounds. Why there was a pile of rusty chandeliers I couldn't tell you, but I really enjoy the curly q lines.

Wood. Chopped. You see a lot of that in the country. Odd that it was on our property since the chalet we were staying in had an electric fireplace.

Also to be filed under "weird" and "on our property" a truck, with an unlocked door and a fake christmas tree in the cab.


  1. 1) I love your glasses.
    2) Fake Christmas trees, and HOT TUBS: this blog has it all

  2. Anonymous10:49 PM

    That is a really beautiful photo of you.

    And I, too, could live in a hot tub. Seriously. Live in it.

  3. Anonymous4:41 PM

    Looks like you two had a grand ol' time. And that makeupless pic? Sooo cute!

    I'd love to hear the story behind that abandoned truck/tree combo. Seems like an interesting destination.

  4. Tracey,
    Blue Rodeo were awesome. I hope they tour the US this winter.

  5. I love those pictures. So gorgeous.

    And speaking of are such a hottie!

  6. Ladies!!! You're making me cyber blush...


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