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It was a short work week for me this week. Last weekend the Robeau and I spent three days in London (Ontario) visiting family and celebrating his birthday with a luxurious stay at the Hilton (which was just lovely). The Robeau should have more birthdays, I think.

The perfect way to end a short work week for me is a coffee date with some good friends. Reimer is just back from his cross-country Fringe Tour and this is was our first chance to catch up in person. The beautiful and talented Michelle joined us. Not only is she my co-worker at CSIS but she's a mighty talented actor. An hour over lattes with these two was such a pleasure. Michelle is the kind of friend who always doles out buckets of warmth and Reimer, well, Reimer is the kind of friend who holds your hand when you're talking. Even if you're just talking about what was on TV last night.

Coffee with friends like these is like a NICEFEST.


  1. Anonymous11:25 AM

    Best wishes to the award winner of the family on his natal day.

    Black Tarantula


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