I'm Still Here!


Bloggy McBloggerson! How ARE you? Sorry it's been so long Darling, it's just that my *real* life seems to have gotten in the way of my *cyber* life the last few weeks.

I promise to report back soon with all kinds of show recaps from the Toronto Jazz Festival and The Fringe Theatre Festival. I've got lots of great pictures to show you too. In the meantime, if you are in the T.dot come on down and check out the Fringe show that I'm Stage Managing. It's Kristian Reimer's new one man show.

You'll love him Bloggy McBloggerson, his show is very funny!


  1. Tracey,
    Aren't you also performing your own work at a Festival. Did I imagine this?

    When is that show?

  2. Got it. October. The play fest.

  3. I love Liberal Chicks who answer their own questions! I'll tell you, if I had to do my show at THIS fest the whole performance would be me, standing on stage, with a dumbfounded look on my face.

  4. Are you ever coming to NYC? I hope so!

  5. Oh, CeCe, it's only my favourite place in the whole world! If and when I do get myself down NYC way, I'd have to enlist you to help me shop for fabulous clothes!


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