Hot enough for you?


I've gone crazy with the heat. Forty two Celsius with the humidex? Forty TWO?! I'm sorry, but why is that necessary?

Well, the Toronto Fringe Festival has wrapped and along with that my duties as stage manager on Kristian Reimer's latest show, "40 Needles". It was a lot of fun getting back on the scene and catching up with old comedy and theatre chums. I was able to catch two other phenomenal shows during the Fest that I'd like to mention because these gems will have a life outside of this Fest, no question. As a matter of fact they are both opening in the Winnipeg Fringe Festival (along with "40 Needles") so if you happen to be in the 'Peg, do yourself a favour and check my incredibly skilled friends out.

  • Evelyn Reese

  • The wonderful and talented Susan Fischer brought her superb character piece, The Evelyn Reese Show to the Fest this year and received raves from none other than the Toronto Star. She is the consummate professional and deserves every bit of success she gets. You're good people and you deserve to see her show. Go. Go!

  • Nile Seguin

  • If you get the opportunity to see the inimitable Nile Seguin perform either his standup show "Evil is the New Good" or his more theatrical piece "Fear of a Brown Planet" do it now, before he's all over your television and you have to pay the big bucks for the honour. I adore Nile. Even if he won't let me touch his hair. Bastard.

  • Reimer Reason

  • Lest we forget, the original charmer, Mr. Calgary himself, Kristian Reimer. All his show dates are here on his myspace account. If you're thinking he lied about his age on his profile, well...that's just information I'm not able to disclose.

    Guess I should go do something productive with myself this evening. Like do the dishes. Or work on my script. Or get caught up on CD reviews. The reality? I'm going to sit in front of my television and watch cable news. I know it. You know it. This whole thing in the Mid-East is just so TRAGIC. And all this talk about the Mid-East is making me crave chicken shawarma like you would not believe. No disrespect, just truth. Shawarma, you know you want it. Seriously, how can there be no understanding when there is delicious, delicious shawarma involved? It really makes you wonder.

  • Mmmmm...Shawarma

  • These things I know to be true:

    Quebec will never separate.
    The Cubs will never win the World Series.
    There will never be peace in the Middle East.

    And I will never get through another edition of Anderson Cooper 360 without getting some take-out shwarma.

    Peace, out.


    1. Shwarma with tahini? oh my god. Its only 10:30 and i could eat one right now!

    2. I could take a bath in tahini. Seriously.

    3. I don't know what chicken shawarma is, but now I want it, as well.

      I agree with your list of truths:
      1)Cubs won't win a series.
      2)Quebec will stay in the family
      3)There will never be peace in the Middle East. Has there EVER been peace in the middle east.

    4. found the shawarma link. Wiki rules

    5. Trish! You owe it to yourself to get out there and find some shawarma STAT! It's great summer food. Most falafel joints do shawarma too. Do it! Go!!!

    6. Tracey,
      There must be shawarma in Philadelphia. I shall look. But, there are no Tim Horton's. I forgot about them, and I've been to the fabulous Tim Horton's. It was good, reasonably priced and crowded.

    7. Tim Horton's is always crowded.

      We were driving through Buffalo not too long ago and saw a Tim Horton's there, so they are moving into the States. The funniest thing was that their sign read "coffee and baked goods". The thought that Tim Horton's would have to indicate what they sell cracked us right up!


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