You'd never catch Tim Russert doing this.


Maury & Connie: Thanks for the memories

Sweet Jebus...what happened to her? You know who I feel the worst for here? That poor piano player. That must have been the longest five minutes of his life...he's not even playing...and look at his pained perma-grin. Poor bastard. Good Grief.


  1. Oh no. You've got the whole thing. John Stewart showed a couple of little clips.
    I'm watching it now and never will again.
    OMG. She actually just grunted as she fell off the piano.
    Don't think anything really 'happened' to her. Seems she been pretty much stiff, sometimes cruel and usually unwatchable from the start.

  2. Anonymous8:41 AM

    BT wishes to quote Don Lockwood (Singin' in the Rain):

    "...and through it all, my motto was dignity...always dignity"

  3. I had to turn if off. She must be on crack. Seriously.

  4. Isn't it nice that she's shredded any hope of ever being taken seriously again?

    I must say, though, she does look nice in that dress. Maybe she can teach aerobics now that she has free time =D

  5. Whilst channel surfing I crashed
    into Connie & Maurey's rocky shores-
    I was embarrased for them-mainly her-
    now I'm more embarrased for Maurey.
    However its not that much worse
    than Homicidal Idol or most TV.
    So bad ...its er...baaaad!!!


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