I'm going to make a little confession. As if this fact wasn't completely evident from the beginning...the Robeau and I are cat people. We share our home with three of them. The furry little bastards run our lives. They're indoor cats, because if I'm being honest I don't trust them not to get themselves hurt, killed or lost. I just don't. Inside is where I like them and inside is where they'll stay.

There are, however, lots and lots of outdoor cats on our street. My best friend on the street is Chester, a boy with long light yellow fur and a sunny disposition to match. He'll cross the street to see me in the morning and talk and roll in the dirt. He's a champ. I adore him. Chester is also the only cat that I've seen hanging out with other cats on the street. He's so pleasant he just sort of befriends his neighbour's cats. They've been hanging out on his front porch most afternoons. You can't help but want to spend time with Chester.

A few doors down from us, is another story completely. Shady the cat is pretty as a picture. She's also tough. She'll bound up a tree after a squirrel. She'll hunt the other cats on the street. And she ignores the nice people a few doors down who want only to be her friend. She'll turn her back on us. She'll run away. She sits on our front lawn, sure, but she won't let us pet her. As a result, I have a terrible cat crush on her. If she let me pet her, just once, it would be like being invited to a party by the cool kid at school.


And it's never going to happen.

Shady: Alert, Aloof and Awesome.


  1. Anonymous8:24 AM

    There are some cool cats in Mimico. I met a lady looking for one of her darlings. "Fluffy" was being missed by his brother "Jim".

    Hmmm, Jim and Fluffy. Makes me think of...oh, I know...LOL.


  2. Have you tried treats??
    I have a dog and I wish he was as selective as this. He's a whore. He'll run to different people, try to leave me. Its awful. Hes such a man, always looking for greener grass.

  3. I like Chester. He sounds like a person. Hanging on the corner with his buddies.


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