Off With Their Heads?


Hey, whatever happened to journalists taking their responsibility to question the official version of events and not simply repeat them as truth? Seriously? Where did that go?

Is it just me or have these 17 remarkably unremarkable wannabee terrorists that were arrested in Toronto this past weekend been found guilty in the media and in the court of public opinion before they've had a trial?

Is it just me or does Paula Zahn's claim on CNN that "this is tantamount to what happened in NY on 9/11 to the Canadian people" complete and utter bullshit?

WHY on earth is the media not being skeptical when these arrests happen at such a convenient time for the Harper government?

Keep us in fear and we probably will support Harper's decision to keep Canadian troops in Afghanistan another *two years* to wage war against the Taliban and other insurgents. Not as peacekeepers. Waging war.

The threat of home grown terrorism, might convince more Canadians that the Afghan war is necessary even though prior to these arrest support for the war was at an all time low. Illogical? Hell yes. But also effective. Just ask Carl Rove.

WHY on earth aren't we talking about the fact that the arrests also come at a time when Parliament is conducting a mandatory five-year review of Canada's new anti-terror laws? Before the arrests, there was a possibility that parliamentarians might recommend that the Harper government ease up on some of those laws. Somehow that seems impossible now. You know, now that we've had "our 9/11". Please. What a joke. To even hint that this is the case belittles the events of September 11, 2001.

I take threats on my country and my way of life seriously. Even if they come from politicians and political agencies instead of "terrorists".


  1. Anonymous9:09 AM

    The CNN remarks comparing the recent Sting operation in Ontario to 9/11 were typical and unfortunate, or typically unfortunate, or unfortunately typical.

    The thing about the wannabees that worries me is that they wannabee terrorists. They somehow think that the mayhem that can be caused even by a gang that doesn't shoot straight is a noble endeavour. That's an attitude that a middle-aged, grew up watching "The Forest Rangers" Bluenoser has a lot of trouble wrapping her head around.


  2. I hear ya...the thing that worries me about these wannabees is that they were already filled with disdain and hate for our 'way of life' and now, they've been branded terrorists in the public. So what do they do now? How do they turn their lives around? Now what choice do they have other than being disenfranchised? And what's more dangerous than that? It just seems like we're shooting ourselves in our collective foot here.


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