Happy Apocalypse Day! The fact that Mia Farrow (shudder) is releasing a movie today not enough to sufficiently creep you out?

Observe...as President Bush beckons the electorate to come sit on his knee. Is that a big shiny nickel that he just pulled out from behind their ears? It is! Look at that electorate, it's a big, shiny piece of discrimination! Can you believe that was lurking there behind your very own ear?! You should wash more, electorate. Also, never mind that the constitution was established to give rights - not systematically remove them. And never mind that this "issue" never comes up unless it's an election year. Oh, and if you know what's good for you, forget about Iraq, Katrina and the economy. "It's the queers getting hitched, stupid".

Stand in awe...as our very own government here in Canada takes down a terror cell! Seventeen men and boys of a Muslim background planning to blow up all kinds of landmarks in my hometown. What happened to these kids? Why are they so filled with hate? Why is our very own government using the fear mongering tactics cultivated South of the border on it's public? Why can't the folks at CSIS (the *real* CSIS, not the one I work for) shut their mouths?! Aren't they supposed to be SPYING or something??? And why are the idiot rednecks vandalizing mosques? Oh, right, cause they're idiot rednecks.

Be amazed...as White House Press Secretary Tony Snow cannot define "civil rights". OK, maybe you're not amazed. Maybe it's not so hard to believe that when put on the spot, a member of the Bush administration can't define the very thing they trample on a daily basis. The saddest part? Snow's the only one in that crowd that I thought would have had a shot at answering a question like that.

Yeah, 6.6.6. is just like any other day. Welcome to the sideshow that is the world we live in.

I'm off to get the microchip that's been implanted in my head adjusted.

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