What's Next?


After seven seasons, 24 Emmys and two TV Presidents The West Wing called it quits last night. The series finale was comforting and moving, if predictable. I'm not complaining, mind you. I quite like predictable. I was pleased with the pace the show took the last few weeks, tying up loose ends and giving the characters that we've grown to love the time to have meaningful endings. The show was never really "the same" after Aaron Sorkin left, but that didn't stop it from being better than most of the other shows on television. I am thrilled to know that Toby was pardoned, that CJ, Danny, Josh and Donna have personal lives and that Santos will continue to govern fictional America with the same resolve that President Bartlet did. We don't really know what's next, but we can imagine that it would be great; filled with witty banter, high ideals and yes, lots and lots of pedeconferencing.

Your box sets for seasons 1-5 not quite filling the void that was left when the Bartlet's flew home? Check out this thorough and sort of kooky website:
  • Bartlet for America

  • Can't decide which character you're going to miss the most?
  • Take this quiz

  • And find out which West Wing character you are! Goofy? Hell, yeah. But whoever put this together was very clever with their approach and frankly, I'd like to know who I'm dealing with, so if any of my regular readers are so inclined, take the quiz and let me know. Who's out there?

    If the name Chandler Bing means nothing to you, but the name Joe Quincy sets your heart a-racing...if you think that Aaron Sorkin's grocery list would be worth a read...if you live in Canada and didn't get to see the preview that aired for Studio 60 on Sunset Strip last night...here it is, courtesy of youtube!
  • Trailer for Sunset 60

  • That, my friends, is what's next.


    1. Anonymous9:13 AM

      BT requires the playing of "Hail to the Chief" the next time she enters a room.

      BT was surprised at the quiz outcome. Should she have been? And what about Bloggy McBlogerson, herself?

    2. Hail to the chief...to the chief we all be hailiiiiiing!!!!! I dare say BT should not have been surprised at all.

      I, apparently, am Sam Seaborn. Which I have to say I found quite surprising! Guess maybe I'll have your job someday? Maybe?

      I'm not pretty enough to be Sam....

    3. BTW, How great was Sorkin's cameo on Sunday night?!

    4. Anonymous1:58 PM

      Cameo - great!
      Unnecessary line - "Leo's Mallory?"

      Seven seasons is a generation. Janet took a peek at epi 1, saw Lisa Edelstein and exclaimed "Cuddy!"


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