The New Kid at AAJ


The widely read, respected and enjoyable jazz website All About Jazz publishes 200+ CD reviews per month and yours truly is one of their newest contributors. You can check out my first three reviews here:

  • Landgren & Sample - Creole Love Call

  • Marta Hugon - Tender Trap

  • Bob James - Urban Flamingo

  • It's my hope that in the coming years I will become so articulate and knowledgeable about the music I love that I will look back at these early efforts and cringe. I hope you find my reviews interesting and/or informative enough to keep reading. There should be more reviews in the coming weeks and eventually, I hope, concert reviews and interviews. Please enjoy...or at least don't throw ripe fruit!


    1. Anonymous12:29 PM

      BT had previously commented that she likes the way you write about music. BT thinks you have found yet another calling, you old multi-hyphenate, you!


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