Day Five, continued: Miss Fran and Mr. Ray


We headed back to Baton Rouge that afternoon and stopped in on the Robeau's old neighbours, keeping in mind he only lived there for two years and this was some twenty-six years ago. But Miss Fran and Mr. Ray were still there and remembered the Robeau and his family like it was yesterday. They were the most endearing, entertaining and welcoming couple you could ever want to meet. By the end of our visit which lasted a few hours, I felt like family. Their aging french poodle, Jean Claude was pretty great too.

From Miss Fran and Mr. Ray's front yard:

Miss Fran and Mr. Ray with the Robeau:

After our visit Mr. Ray drove us back to the hotel, we picked up some take out and watched 24 from our room. After a good night's sleep it was off to the Baton Rouge airport where I took one last deep breath of that sweet smelling air and boarded the plane home.

All in all it was a pretty wonderful trip. Not even a week after getting back I'm starting to phase the not so great memories out of my mind...I think it's fair to let yourself be a little revisionist when it comes to vacations.

Getting away is nice, especially because it reminds you why home is home.


  1. Thanks for the trip journal dude, twas a great read... also the colbert thing just before, which I hadn't heard about: awesome.

  2. Thanks Jep! Colbert is indeed the man!


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