Tracey playing by herself, man...


I was doing my time on the exercise bike at the gym, really "working it" as they say, since I was feeling particularly peppy and ambitious that day. I like the bike. I like any exercising I can sit down for. Anyway, I was really "working it" - I was sweating so much I looked like Jimmy Garrison playing bass. I looked like I was standing in the rain. And then, I started to cry. Soft, gently little tears, which, let's face it, probably just blended in with the sweat. I hope. Stevie Wonder was singing Do I Do in my ear via the ipod mini and hearing his voice swell with pride with "Ladies and gentlemen, I have the pleasure to present on MY album Mr. Dizzy Gillespie...BLOW!" caused me to just LOSE. IT. Like the people at the chic and lovely King West Club didn't have cause to find me unusual already...


  1. Oh, Tracey, this makes pefect sense to me.

    Your fellow jazz nerdette,

  2. Ellen, it's a comfort to know I'm not the only one!!!
    T ;)


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