My "Funny-That-Way" Valentine


"A Teddy Bear Holding a Heart"
When I was a single young 20-something I spent a couple of years working in an animation production studio which was disproportionately populated by gay men. Now, I love the gay men. I have, in fact, been known in some circles to be a first class hag. A "fruit fly" if you will. I adore my boys. My boys are funny, they are nurturing, they are strong. Hell, I took it as a compliment when I was mistook for a Drag Queen.

The first two times.

Here's the thing though...when you are a single young 20-something straight girl on Valentines Day and every Twink in the office receives large (yet tasteful) floral arrangements, boxes of chocolate (Belgium) and singing (sometimes stripping) telegrams it can really do a number on your ego.

Where was mine?

Of course when you are a single young 20-something straight girl who spends all her free time performing on the musical theatre stage and scoffing martinis in gay bars you have nobody to blame but yourself. I should have known I'd never find a man to send me flowers living that Liza Minnelli lifestyle.

The reality was I didn't want a man to send me flowers. Not then. That's precisely why I chose to live that Liza Minnelli/Judy Garland/Bruce Villanch lifestyle. But on Valentine's Day it was hard to remember that being inundated as I was with the hearts and the flowers and the feeling of exclusion.

Ruminating on these times a few years later it occurs to me...I bet those Queens bought themselves all those goodies just to look good in front of everyone in the office. Competitive, Fabulous, Bastards.

I still love 'em. Just not on February 14th.

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  1. Anonymous11:27 AM

    am searching for female vocalist who sings sultry, smokey version of my funny valentine, heard on CBC's jazz show late Dec. Co-worker who also heard it didnt know her, either, but thinks her initials are C and maybe even C.C. both first and last name. Sounded like Diana Krall but she doenst do this piece.


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