Rosa Parks died earlier this week. She was 92. With one action, one woman effectively changed a whole country and you know, if you want to be grande about it, she changed humanity. And I do want to be grande about it.

Thinking about Rosa Parks and her common, everyday bravery reminded me of one of my favourite television moments of all time. Last year, some public schools in Toronto observed Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday. While MLK Day is an American holiday, he really is a hero of the whole world. It goes back to what I was saying about humanity.

Anyway, some perky blonde reporter asked a thoughtful looking fourth grader if he wanted to be like Martin Luther King Jr. when he grew up. The kid paused, thought, blinked, twisted his mouth tight and then shook his head violently.

"Too Risky" he said.

Thank you Rosa Parks, for taking that risk.

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