Do you know what it means to Miss New Orleans?


Is it wrong that I wouldn't be at all surprised if President Bush arranged to have BIBLES dropped from helicopters instead of food and water and medical aid? Save yourselves sinners! Save yourselves from the ultimate sins - being poor and being black.

Is it wrong that I can't imagine this administration would have let rich white people wait on their roofs for five whole days?

Is it wrong that it seems to me that in New Orleans Black folks loot, while White folks "find" things at the grocery store that's been closed for two days? Thanks mainstream MEDIA!

Is it wrong that the fact that the Christian Right's theory that "god" is smiting the gambling, baby killing, poor black folks because the satellite view of Katrina resembled a six week old "fetus" (um, consult your science books Christian Right, it's an embryo at six weeks) is it WRONG that this makes me want to stick Pat Robertson in the Astrodome to sit in his own poop for a few days and see how it feels?

Yeah. That's probably wrong.

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