The True Adventures of Jep Comix!


I've been meaning to discuss the wonderful first issue of Jepcomix for some time.

You can get all the info on Jepcomix including how to purchase online and where to purchase in Toronto at
  • Bad Monkey X

  • You can even read the first issue online, just be warned that you will get yourself hooked!

    Jep's writing is insightful, at once witty and warm...sort of gently satirical. I can't say that I know much about the comic book world, except that I worship Charles M. Shultz and really enjoy Seth. Jep's work fits that aesthetic quite nicely.

    Also, the artwork is really striking, I especially like the ink washes used in the backgrounds.

    If a pair of amorous robots look a little familiar, that's no coincidence...guess I can check "have self featured in super awesome comic book" off my to do list.


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