Miss Chatelaine


Picked up the September issue of Chatelaine, because my wonderful and multi-talented friend Brooke, who I don't see enough of, has had an article published discussing the ins and outs of attending a film festival. I am quoted as Toronto International Film Festival regular, Tracey Nolan who "likes to see a few films I know little about". This probably makes me sound like a bit of a free spirit (read: flake) next to all the folks who discuss subscribing to Variety and reading various websites as research. The fact is, sometimes it's nice to be surprised. Go into a movie with no expectations and sometimes walk away having seen a gem. What's more exciting than that? Well, lots of things I guess, but still...

I have also discovered that there was lots of great stuff between the covers of Chatelaine this issue which leads me to believe that they have either hipped the content of the mag way, way up, or I am getting further and further away from my youth.


  1. Hope you like the Rob Mazurek sound ;)

  2. Thanks Katz!

    Katz turned me on to jazz trumpeter Rob Mazurek over at http://forums.allaboutjazz.com/.

    Can't wait to check him out - and will definitely report back here with details :)


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