I love Fried Eggs!


Remember that Lotto commercial from the 80's? I think it was for Wintario....where people were running around singing "I love Fridays"? Only it sounded like they were saying Fried Eggs? Silly. Anyway, I do. I love Fridays and Fried Eggs. So everybody wins.

Busiest week ever at CSIS due to visitors from China and upcoming visitor from the Bronx. So glad the weekend approaches!

If you are looking for something to do this weekend, may I suggest The Andrew Scott Quartet at the Rex Hotel this Sunday (August 21st) at 9pm? Or how about Jack Mosshammer and Doug Morencey doing their fab 2-man improv act with the amazing Robeau on keys at The Toronto Improv Fest? The show starts at 8pm on Sunday, at the Alumnae Theatre so in theory you could catch some great comedy and some great jazz all before you get back to the daily grind on Monday.

If you're wondering about the above photo - don't. It is Bernie the Wondercat. You can call her "Boo" or "Boogaloo" or my personal favourite "(Breaking Two) Electric Boogaloo". You love her, admit it.

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