Today, August 4th, we celebrate the birthday of Louis Armstrong - jazz trumpeter, innovator, personality and granddaddy of them all.

Armstrong's nickname Satchmo was an abbreviation of "satchelmouth," a joke on the size of his mouth... He was also nicknamed Gatemouth, Dippermouth, Dip, and simply Pops...a nickname that had nothing at all to do with the size of his mouth. That's nice.

While I like to pretend that his recording of "Hello, Dolly!" never happened and I find “I see friends shaking hands, saying how do you do – they’re really saying I love you” the creepiest lyric EVER, today I will I listen to his recordings of Potato Head Blues and Struttin' with some Barbecue (both sheer bliss!) and think about how grateful I am that there was a Louis Armstrong. He was one of a kind. His importance cannot be overstated...and he sounds GREAT!

Happy Birthday Gatemouth.

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